From Navy Seal to blade smith. Andrew “Bito” Arrabito served 9 years as a Navy SEAL, now he owns a budding business.

Episode 12: WW Podcasts


From butcher shop to rifle platoon commander: Major Chris Parks talks about his service as a U.S. Marine

Growing up in Hoover, Chris Parks worked at a family owned butcher shop. After high school he attended Auburn University. Almost 16 years and multiple combat missions later, Major Chris Parks is about to leave the U.S. Marines. Parks joined Scott Chambers, host of Warrior Wednesday to share his story. Parks talks about his days as a struggling student in college, to leading a rifle platoon on the battlefield. Hear what it was like in the heat of battle, a message that gave him hope in the middle of a mission, and how determination is the key to success.


From a Troubled Childhood, in a Single Parent Home, Congressman Scott Taylor (R- Virginia) Talks About Avoiding Charges as a Youth to serving as a NAVY Seal


EP 12: From Navy Seal to blade smith. Andrew “Bito” Arrabito served 9 years as a Navy SEAL, now he owns a budding business.

Former Navy SEAL Andrew Arrabito knew he wanted to be a Navy SEAL from an early age. After 9 years traveling the world and hunting bad guys, “Bito” turned into an entrepreneur, where he makes custom knives. He gives back to the military community by employing former military members. You can find out more about his company at as founder of Half Face Blades.


EP 11: Former Navy Seal Craig “Sawman” Sawyer recounts his time as a Navy SEAL, Federal Air Marshall and now his fight to end child sex trafficking.

Former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer was a sniper on SEAL Team One. He was one of the original 33 Federal Air Marshall’s, keeping the skies over America safe. Today Craig spends his time combating child sex trafficking, as the founder of He is a respected consultant for television and movies and teaches tactical training at Tactical Insider

Twitter: @CraigRSawyer
Facebook: @CraigSawmanSawyer


EP 10: From Military Police Officer to helping K-9 Heroes, Jason Johnson continues to serve.

Jason Johnson was military police officer who turned his passion for military K-9’s into a charitable foundation to support former military and police K-9’s with the creation of Project K-9 Hero.


EP 9: Retired Lieutenant General Bill Phillips spent 30+ years in the US Army. Phillips continues to work with the military in his career at Boeing.

From a small town in Tennessee, Bill Phillips went on to a 30+ year career in the United States Army, where he retired as a Lieutenant General. At the time of his retirement in 2014, Phillips was the most senior Army Aviator on active duty. He has 30+ years of aviation and acquisition experience in command & staff positions, and is qualified in CH-47, UH-1, & OH-58. After retirement, Phillips went to work for Boeing. He serves as Vice President, Army/Special Operations Forces (SOF)/Latin America and Huntsville Customer Engagement, BDS, Global Sales & Marketing. He is responsible for seven Field Marketing offices supporting Army, Special Forces and Latin America.

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