From Navy Seal to blade smith. Andrew “Bito” Arrabito served 9 years as a Navy SEAL, now he owns a budding business.

Episode 12: WW Podcasts


EP 5: Tony Cowden “A broken back won’t slow me down”

Tony Cowden has 18 years in the Special Operations community, serving nearly half of that time in Afghanistan and Iraq. Tony talks about his time in the ARMY and special forces. This conversation covers everything from what he was doing on 9-11 to his post military career as an entrepreneur.


EP 4: Former Army Ranger and Lieutenant Colonel, Rich Choppa, talks about his time in the military, and now his life in the private sector, as the head of global sales and marketing for air and missile defense at Boeing.

Rich Choppa went to college, got a job with his senator in Washington D.C. From there he got fed up with politics and walked down the street to the ARMY recruiting station. That led to him becoming an ARMY Ranger, even recruiting his twin brother. After 21 years in the military Rich went to work in the private sector. He’s based in Huntsville, AL. where he serves as the head of global sales and marketing for air and missile defense at Boeing.


EP 3: Former Marine, Matt Pierce, an expert dog handler and explosive ordinance disposal technician, talks about his service and post military life with Xtreme Concepts.

Matt tells stories from his deployments, shares memories of his fallen brothers, reflects on memorial day, talked about some hilarious situations people put themselves in with explosives and discusses his job with Xtreme Concepts.


EP 2: Former Navy SEAL shares his story about transitioning from the battlefield to the business world

In Episode 2 of The Warrior Wednesday Podcast, former NAVY Seal JP Dinnell talks about his time on SEAL Team 3. From being a sniper to a budding entrepreneur, JP explains his journey.


EP 1: “Frogman” Alexander Kunz talks about not following in his fathers footsteps, joining the Navy SEALs his career as a CEO of Op2 Labs

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